What should we choose Launch?

We agree that there are A LOT of other Google Adwords companies out there. Some of them are good, some of them aren’t. We are one of the good guys. Here’s some of the things we DON’T do. 1. We don’t set & forget It’s very easy to set up campaigns, and then let them run. But this is a recipe for disaster. Google Ads requires constant monitoring & tweaking to ensure the best performance. Our team will spend at least 1 hour every week checking your account and optimising where necessary. 2. We don’t lock you into fixed-term contracts We enter into month-to-month agreements with our clients. This gives you the freedom to pause or continue your ads as you please. We keep our clients from leaving by producing the results they are after. 3. We don’t keep you in the dark Many companies send bloated, complicated reports to their clients expecting them to understand. All the stats really mean nothing if the Ads aren’t generating leads and sales. Our reporting is comprehensive, and we focus on giving you only the stats that matter.

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