How compliant is your website?

Discover compliancy issues with your site before Google does. Learn strategies to beat Google.

What do we test?

A complete audit scores potential and actual policy violations based on a multi-factor score. With Google Bots crawling your site daily for violations, this report will uncover thousands of dollars in liability.

Visible Text

Visible text presents over half of the violations we encounter. While Google support is vague, we help you craft the exact compliant language.


Images can often contain policy violations or red flags. As experts in this space we can provide examples and photoshop experts to edit or replace your non compliant imagery.


Our Google Ads team are experts in creating effective product titles and descriptions that will get approved on Google Merchant Center.

Meta Info

How compliant is everything that the user can't see. Google checks all the meta-information so we make it our policy to check it first.


Complete the form regardless. We are happy to consult with new businesses on the creation of a compliant website.

A Google Ads expert will review your website and return the results within 3 business days.

Anything with a Google Ads policy about it will make it much harder to run ads. Because these industries face legal and compliance issues Google is especially restrictive:

  • Health products
  • Supplements
  • Alcohol & Tobacco
  • Tobacco Cessation
  • Nootropics
  • Hemp & Hemp Adjacent
  • Housing
  • Legal services
  • Strip clubs
  • Debt services
  • Financial products
  • Housing

While our costs are on the higher end of Google Ads consultant, we are by no means the most expensive.

The average cost of consultation is $5750 and our most common consultation is our SMB Google Ads and website audit which is $1250.